Are you a young aspiring female entrepreneur in Africa(18-35yrs) with a NEW innovative business idea that helps to improve the lives women & girls?


    • You are a young African woman aged 18-35
    • You are passionate about helping to build a better future for women and girls in Africa.
    • You have a NEW and innovative IDEA for a business that has potential to positively impact the lives of African women and girls. (Do not worry if your idea is not fully formed. Over the course of the programme you will be supported to develop and refine your idea)
    • If you already have an existing business, you can submit an idea for a new product or service you want to develop that positively impacts the lives of women and girls.
    • You may apply as an individual or team. (Please note that for teams, only team members who meet the application criteria are eligible to attend)
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    • Gain the skills to test and develop your idea into a sustainable business that creates a positive impact on society
    • Get exposed to a number of digital tools that you can use to develop, test and grow your business
    • Broaden your network and access expert advice from our global pool of mentors to help you develop your idea further.
    • Build your confidence in communicating your ideas effectively to attract funding, clients and partners for your business.
    • Get the opportunity to pitch your business idea to potential investors at our demo day 
    • Become part of our global community of social innovators to connect, share ideas and gain peer support in building your business.
    Applications are NOW CLOSED. SIGN UP BELOW to stay updated about our future programmes.


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