#HerFutureAfrica equips young African women with the skills, confidence and networks to launch technology-enabled businesses that positively impact their communities.

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    Innovation Bootcamp

    Problem solving and innovation tools

    The innovation bootcamp brings together a selected group of ambitious and talented young women to develop their innovative, high-impact business ideas .

    Over 2 - 3 days, participants are equipped with business skills and digital tools to develop their innovative ideas into real solutions. Watch the video from our Accra bootcamp!


    "I really loved the teamwork at the bootcamp. Sharing my idea with colleagues gave me more ideas to improve on what I already had. I also learnt that I need to test the market & get feedback first before starting the business" 
    Edna Mate-Kole #HerFutureAfrica participant Ghana, 2017

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    Market Research

    Collecting customer feedback & market validation

    Following the innovation bootcamp, participants are then challenged to take their ideas out into the real world. This provides an opportunity to apply the tools they have learnt and collect feedback from potential customers and stakeholders. At the end of this process, participants develop a more refined business proposal and pitch deck; tangible outputs they can use to present their businesses to potential funders or partners.

    "I am now able to use the Business Model Canvas to continually refine my business idea and come up with a more effective and efficient game plan to solve the problem for my target market"
    Wilma Amoo-Osae #HerFutureAfrica participant Ghana, 2017

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    Building networks & access to expert advice

    Participants are matched with dedicated mentors from around the world to support them in developing their business proposal. Our first programme in Ghana engaged both local and international mentors from 10 countries to work with our participants.

    "My mentor went over my assignments and gave me feedback on each and every one of them. He recommended some references and gave me useful insight as well as a global perspective with regard to my problem and the solution."
    Charlotte Obeng, #HerFutureAfrica participant Ghana, 2017

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    Demo Day

    Pitching and presentation skills

    At the end of the programme, participants submit their final project plans and 10 finalists are selected to pitch at our Demo Day. This is a great opportunity for participants to gain valuable feedback on their ideas as well as gain exposure and build connections to help them launch their businesses.

    The winner, selected by a panel of judges receive dedicated support from our incubation partner and seed funding to launch their business.

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    Building and launching real-world solutions

    The winners from the Demo Day are then provided with between 3 to 6 months dedicated business support in partnership with organisations in their local ecosystem.

    For our Ghana programme we partnered with iSpace who provided the selected finalists with 6 months co-working space and support to develop their businesses further.

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    Role models

    Building confidence by highlighting positive role models

    As part of the programme, participants are exposed to leading female role models in technology and entrepreneurship.

    As part of a follow on project, we published Founding Women, a book of interviews with 20 African female tech entrepreneurs to inspire and provide positive roles models to young women and girls beyond the programme.


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